Dartmouth Al Fresco

It was a whopping 50F today in Hanover, NH — sunny, mild and almost overwhelming after months of relentless sub-zero weather. The smart students at Dartmouth College were quick to take advantage of the conditions.

Chipping Away at Winter

There’s a wicked cold snap across Northern New England these days, with -22F predicted for tonight. All the same, the Dartmouth College Winter Carnival is well under way, and this year the venerable ice sculpture contest is making a comeback. These two guys were among the many students working on …

Dartmouth Lax Girls Are Hardcore

It never got much above 15F (-9C) in Hanover, New Hampshire today, and it was significantly colder with the windchill taken into account. End of January, depth of winter. All the same, the Dartmouth College Girls Lacrosse team — led by freshly appointed Captain, #17, Frances Bird — were out on the Chase …

Ah, Traditions

Even on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, the residents of Dartmouth fraternities like Sigma Alpha Epsilon apparently stick to doing what they do best.

The Year in Pictures

Thanks to the many editors and communications pros that hired me as a photographer, I was privileged to cover some amazing people this year: Madeline Albright, the Former US Secretary of State, who visited Dartmouth in the spring as a guest of her former State Department Colleague Dan Benjamin at the …