Why this? Why Now?

lebanonchildAfter not doing any of this blogging for years (just reading a handful of blogs obsessively on a daily basis and occasionally posting comments here and there), I finally decided to get back online. Sadly, the inspiration to do so has been the ongoing destruction of Lebanon.

I cut my teeth as a budding photo journalist in Lebanon in 1996, and grew immensely fond of both the people and the country.

It is hard to comprehend how Israel can be allowed (and equipped by the US) to destroy in the name of democracy a country that managed to rebuild itself as a democracy from the ashes of years of civil war. Maybe Israel adamantly insists on perpetuating the lame myth that it is the only democracy in the Middle East. Maybe Olmert has drunk the same poisoned Cool-Aid as the US neo-cons who seem incapable of any response other than wanton destruction and mayhem. I do not condone nor have any tolerance for the actions of Hezb’ollah, and I appreciate that there are victims in Israel as well. But they have the entire machinery of the US goverment on their side, while few speak up for the kids in Southern Lebanon who are doing most of the actual dying these days.

Either way, I need a place to vent, and where better than online, where everyone can not-give-a-shit completely anonymously at any time?

(Photo: A civil defense worker carries the body of Lebanese child recovered from the rubble of a demolished building that was struck by an Israeli airstrike at the village of Qana near the southern Lebanon city of Tyre, Sunday, July 30, 2006. [AP via billmon])