Norwich Halloween 2018

For over a decade now, it’s been a tradition for me to shoot the Norwich Halloween gathering in front of the Norwich Inn. When I first started doing it, my own kids were part of the gaggle of kids gathering to bob for donut holes and prepare for trick or treating in town. Now, it’s a whole new crop of tiny superheroes and unicorns, and I feel ancient but invigorated trying to keep up with all their energy and exuberance. 

At Long Last: Emerging from Winter’s Grip

IMG_3783-EditA couple of days of 50 degree weather, and the glacier across New England is finally starting to recede. Out pops fire hydrants, mail boxes, beer cans, dog turds, withered perennials and other vestiges of last fall. With any luck, this warm spell will continue to work its magic, and soon the Connecticut River will thaw as well. Then come the crocuses, the fresh grass — and with that, a new lease on life for us all.

Leverone Field House Looking Good?!?

IMG_3681Dartmouth College is all ivy and copper roofs, red brick and classy tradition. And then there’s… Leverone Field House.

The official Dartmouth write-up states: Leverone Field House was designed by Italian architect Pier Luigi Nervi, whose distinctive sports palaces for the 1960 Olympic Games in Rome earned him the laudatory title, “Poet in Concrete.”

Yeah. Poetry in Concrete. Right up there with German Love Songs as things better not to attempt.

Sadly, Leverone comes across as a reinterpretation of neo-stalinist functionalism, but with less charm. It is perhaps the single hardest building on campus to photograph without tearing up and asking “why”?

This week, however, Mother Nature did her best: spring was in the air, snow was melting under a clear sky, so I gave it another shot. And it almost — almost — worked.