Oh, You're *That* Guy…

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Someone once complained that my “about me” page was so lame. Fair enough. I’ll throw out some vital facts that should clear things right up:

  • I’ve broken my left arm.Twice. And a leg. And my nose. And a finger. Oh, and a rib. Basically I’m a barely walking cripple…
  • Yes, I’ve been arrested. In Lebanon. For being a Jewish spy. (No, really).
  • I don’t have a TV. Haven’t had one for 20 years.
  • My first pet’s name was Otto. My dog’s name is Lucky.
  • I’m 6′ 3″ on a good day. 170 pounds and change. I used to race mountain and road bikes for fun, and can still run a decent half marathon. 
  • Only nasty or largely boring things happened in the world on the day I was born in 1969.
  • I’m Reform Pastafarian (that is to say, I believe in the FSM, but not the pirate speak bit).
  • I left Denmark in ’98, New York in ’02 and now live in Vermont with my wife and two kids. 
  • I was born in Canada, but grew up in Denmark. Confused yet? 

Just to clarify further, I’m not this guy, who is clearly much, much smarter than me and thus deserves top billing for the vanity Google search.

And, uh, I’m also not this guy, even though we share the ameridane tagline.

If you’d like to consider me for an assignment as a photographer, writer, or photo editor, you can check out my work here, or download my CV here.